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as making full efforts to ensure energy supplies, enhancing environment protection and creating economic values, cnooc always focuses on livelihood and complies with its obligations and responsibilities of a corporate citizenship, promoting social progress with its real actions.

social public welfare

cnooc made solid progress in poverty alleviation and aid in tibet and public charity, constantly carried out marine environment and ecological protection, and promoted marine ecological science research and technology development and public welfare undertakings.

cnooc has funded the construction of hope schools, subsidized economy inferior college students and organized employee donating books in order to improve learning environment for students, reduce the economic burden on the families of the students, improve the educational level of the poverty-stricken areas and help the students grow up healthily.

adhering to the poverty alleviation principle of relieving difficulties, eradicating poverty, promoting blood-making function and establishing a long-term mechanism, and considering the characteristics of targeted poverty alleviation counties and cities, cnooc carries out targeted poverty alleviation in the fields of industry, housing, education, medical treatment and infrastructure, which provides sustainable and stable “blood” for local economic development and continuously improves local people’s lives.

integration into community

cnooc is proactively committed to serving society, creating harmony and bringing benefits to the people, establishes the regular communication mechanism with communities and listens to optimization proposals of local governments and residents. the ration of environmental and social impact assessment for new projects is kept at 100%. the company makes efforts to share resources with communities, proactively carries out community building in a cooperative way and repays communities with its development outcomes.

the company is committed to create and maintain communal safety and harmony, and help local residents solve difficulties in life, improve local ecological environment. cnooc constantly advances the “warm hearts” projects to effectively improve the residents’ living standard, drive the community culture construction and build their beautiful home with cooperative efforts.