crrc’s mexico city metro line 1 renovation project starts operation-大发棋牌官网最新版2023版

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on october 29 (mexico local time), metro line 1 of mexico city, mexico’s capital, under the overall modernization renovation project undertaken by crrc officially started operation. metro line that was operated for as long as half a century is updated to become safer, more convenient and more intelligent.

metro line 1 of mexico city was put into operation in 1969. as the most important metro line in mexico, it is 18.83km long with 20 stations, and daily passengers can reach over 1 million. the overall modernization renovation of mexico city metro line 1 is crrc’s first overseas “system ” project, involving newly manufactured vehicles, the overall modernization, upgrade and renovation of the existing vehicle communication signal systems, lines and electromechanical systems, and the whole system maintenance, with a service period of as long as 19 years. the project was selected as “top 10 global classic ppp projects” of the united nations development programme in 2022.

to facilitate the project construction, crrc has built a chemical factory in mexico and actively drives manufacturing localization. it has delivered 15 trains with 135 carriages, and developed over 100 local suppliers, driving the development of the local rail transit equipment industry chain. meanwhile, crrc has trained close to 300 mexican technical staff and provided nearly 1500 employment opportunities.