form: 06/11/2023 browse number:369

recently, at the kuantan tracking laying base in malaysia, the first batch of 6 crrc-made diesel locomotives successfully completed the tests, fully prepared for the track material transportation for the track laying of malaysia’s east coast railway project (ecrl). with a full length of 665km, ecrl is an important infrastructure project of malaysia’s east coast economic zone plan, and its construction is expected to complete in 2026. it is deemed as a “road bridge” connecting the east and west coast of malaysia.

the six diesel locomotives are the key equipment of the track laying construction. in the process of developing the locomotives, crrc adopted tailored anti-corrosion and moisture-proof design based the local environment of malaysia. meanwhile, the structure of key parts like the engine is optimized to ensure reliable quality and operational safety of the locomotive. the locomotive adopts ac-dc electric transmission, and suits the 1435mm standard gauge. it is 22m long, and has a curb weight of 150t and a maximum operating speed of 100km/h.

up to now, crrc has provided products to malaysia that include mainline diesel and electric locomotives, shunting locomotives, electric multiple units, and urban rail vehicles.