crrc signed a purchase agreement with serbia for high-大发棋牌官网最新版2023版

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in october, crrc officially signed a purchase agreement for high-speed emu vehicles with serbia’s ministry of construction, transportation and infrastructure. the vehicles covered in the agreement are power distributed emu, including 20 high-speed emu (each is comprised of four carriages) with a maximum operational speed of 200km/h. they will be put into operation in 2025.

the emu under the agreement are tailor-made for the hungary-serbia railway based on a mature, safe and reliable technology platform according to europe’s technical specification for interoperability (tsi) and european technical standards, as well as the specific requirements of the hungary-serbia railway, which are more intelligent, greener and more comfortable, and are compliant with european industry standards. this is the first time that the high-speed emu with a speed higher than 200km/h made in china has been exported to europe.

the full length of the hungary-serbia railway is 341.7km, of which 183.1km is in serbia and 158.6km is in hungary. after the project starts operation, the traveling time between the capitals of the two countries will be reduced from 8 hours to 3 hours.