the “upgraded” fuxing intelligent emu started operation in northwestern china for the first time to support the spring festival travel rush-大发棋牌官网最新版2023版

form: 25/01/2024 browse number:19

crrc cr400bf-z fuxing intelligent emu entered zhengxi inspection depot of china railway group xi’an emu depot. this is the first time that emu of this model has been deployed in southwestern china. the emu will be tested and serviced before it starts operation during the spring festival travel rush, which will better satisfy the traveling needs of passengers.

the “upgraded” fuxing intelligent emu is a new generation of emu products with full intellectual property rights that is independently developed by china. compared with the fuxing standard emu, this model incorporates many innovations in its design and features, and its heads has been optimized based on the principles of bionics and aerodynamics, with the running resistance and noise further reduced and operating efficiency further improved.

the interior service facilities have also been optimized, and passengers will feel more comfortable with more intelligent features. in terms of the emu control, the cr400bf-z fuxing intelligent emu has faster response; the emu data is transferred through 5g transmission, enabling real-time monitor; and the on-board wtd system, the on-board safety monitoring system, and the failure prediction and health management system better ensure driving safety.