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the first articulated light rail train developed and manufactured by crrc for mexico city electric transportation authority (ste) was put into operation in the capital of mexico. this is the first time the “crrc-made” light rail train serves mexico city, marking a significant milestone of the electrification and modernization of public transportation in mexico city.

the mayor of mexico city expressed his appreciation for the contribution made by crrc zhuzhou electric locomotive co., ltd. to the ste project and the modernization project of metro line 1 of mexico city. the first ste light rail train is named “cecilia” (meaning “pure and noble”). the train designed by crrc zhuzhou injects new vitality into this line, providing safer and faster traveling services for the public.

the light rail train has a maximum operating speed of 80km/h and a maximum capacity of about 876 passengers with a four-car formation. after all the 9 trains start operation, 40% of transportation capacity will be added to the ste light rail. meanwhile, the waiting time of passengers will reduce by 4 minutes, significantly improving travel conditions in densely populated areas of mexico city.