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  • Market Economics
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  • Growth Strategy
  • And Leveraging the U.S. Energy Cost Competitive Advantage in Manufacturing and Transportation

Select Case Studies

Market Economics - A major national distribution company sought to significantly grow it office furniture distribution business. They needed to fully understand the full range of channels to market, the size and growth rates of each type of channel participant, and their own market shares in each channel participant stages. The findings identified that a number of their current target channel participants were in segments that were declining. The analysis also uncovered other key segments in which they should increase their presence to achieve significant growth. Armed with these insights the client was able to redirect its focus and bolster its capabilities to achieve meaningfully growth.

Voice of Customer - A manufacturer of industrial mechanical power transmission products sought to grow through entry into new segments. In order to do so it needed to understand the wants and needs of prospective customers in these new segments. A series of open ended voice of the customer interviews were conducted across the new segments in both North America and Europe. The synthesis of the voice of the customer findings revealed which segments would be most receptive to the client’s offering as well as the critical product and support dimensions that would be required in order for them to win in those new segments. This enabled the client to enter and grow successfully in these new market segments.

Growth Strategy - The client had just acquired a manufacturer of components for agricultural equipment in the OEM and Aftermarket channels. The largest growth opportunity was believed to be the European market. The client needed to validate the size of the market, its growth prospects, the wants and needs of current and prospective customers, and to develop the strategy to rapidly grow the business in Europe. The market economics showed a large but very flat and mature market. But voice of the customer assessment uncovered that the customers were very dissatisfied with the long standing market leader. This created a significant growth opportunity in what is otherwise a very mature slow growth market. The recommended strategy focused on how to significantly grow the client’s European business by taking share from the complacent market leader.