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Who We Are

J.T. Gabrielsen Consulting is a Market Economics and Strategy Firm. We perform both proprietary consulting engagements and publish syndicated market research reports. Our principal focus is on the economics of manufacturing business-to-business markets, channels, and supply chains. This includes market economic variables such as market sizes, growth rates, historical sizes, and forecasted sizes, of a full spectrum of manufacturing sub-sectors, channels to market, end user customers segments, and supply chain source segments. Geographically, various project engagements and syndicated market research reports may include any number of countries anywhere that are relevant to the specific focus of the specific report topic. Many project engagements and syndicated market research reports may delve into the impact of prices and sources of energy, import and export significance, and impact and any other market economic drivers that are significant to the specific objectives.

Jon T. Gabrielsen
Jon Gabrielsen is the President and Chief Executive Officer of J.T. Gabrielsen Consulting. He is a highly experienced market economics research and strategic consulting professional. He has a 37 year track record of delivery excellence across a wide breadth of industries globally. His key areas of expertise are in the market economics of manufacturing and distribution environments in sectors including Transportation OEMs, Suppliers, and Aftermarket, Chemical, Metals and Metalworking, Pharmaceutical, Capital Equipment, Construction Products. His market economic expertise extends in both the market facing and supply chain facing directions.In market research and consulting he has worked for Blue Canyon Partners, QuestOne Decision Sciences, and Baker & Company [now part of J.D. Power]. In the first half of his career he worked on the client side for Federal-Mogul and for Simpson Industries [now part of Asahi Tec] in roles ranging from strategy, marketing, and finance, to metallurgical and manufacturing engineering and operations.  He has an MBA in Finance and Economics from The University of Michigan, a B.S. in Manufacturing Industrial Technology from Eastern Michigan University, and an A.S. from Washtenaw Community College in Metallurgical Technology.